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"Once we met Nicky we sort of scrapped everyone else and focused it completely on him. There’s no way you can have someone as as polarizing as Nicky and make him the guest star."

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 photo by curator Marie Tomanova

photo by curator Marie Tomanova

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" I spot Nicky Ottav to the right, hosting a table in a bright blue leopard cowboy hat."

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"Be warned that the glitter cannons will sound on the day of Ottav’s graduation, signaling the beginning of a long and literally bright journey for the soon-to-be superstar and those lucky enough to be on his guest list."

Upcoming Hip Hop: "BRASSY" VIDEO

"The video is bold and to the point, displaying a colorful collection of high end fashion, featuring Nicky Ottav, one of New York's most popular club kids."

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Let's Panic Mag: Nicky Ottav by Ethan James Green

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Bullett: Mention in "Glitter at Nicopanda SS 16"

"Across the way watched NYC club pillar Nicky Ottav, who admired the bold spectacle, wide-eyed; you could easily imagine him stocking his wardrobe with these fall ’16 essentials—perfect for transitioning from day-to-night(life)."

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"contributor Nicky Ottav will hit up a member of L.A.-based fashion collective/cyber cool kids club The Fabulous Stains and ask ’em to dish on their best fest tips."

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